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Our people


Hub Manager

I am of Maori and Samoan descent and have a long association with the Kelston Community and have a passion to give back to a community that has given me so much growing up in the area. I have been in education for over 15 years and I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of young adults.  I love community development and guiding people to their own self discovery of their strengths, their life's purpose and leadership. 


Hub Administrator

I am of Samoan decent born and raised in West Auckland, 5 years of my high school education was in Kelston. With over 7 years of working on a number of different community projects it's great to come back to Kelston. Couple of sayings I always heard as a teen in Kelston were "Once a Kelstonian always a Kelstonian" & 'K's never comes down". I am honored to be able to give back to Kelston through the work here at Kelston Community Hub.


Board Advisor

I am a third generation Kelstonian. I have 3 daughters, all of which, like my husband and I, went through all the local Kelston schools. I’m very passionate about local residents and the community. I had the pleasure of being involved in establishing the ‘Kelston Community Hub”.


Board Secretary

I’ve been a resident of Kelston for over 25yrs and over the years I have seen the heart and generosity of Kelstons residents especially when people are in need. I am honoured to serve our local hub as the secretary and am blessed to work alongside Kelstonians who band together for Kelston. I volunteer with Ponsonby Kelston Rugby and am currently working at Kelston Intermediate and love it. My 3 children attend the local schools, they enjoy the outdoor spaces at Brains park and the footpath at Archibald Park has become a favourite place to walk through. If you see me around the neighbourhood dont be a stranger come and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you at the hub or at the Kelston Community events held throughout the year.


Board Treasurer

Hi my name is Marilyn Logan, I'm a former resident of Kelston, and my two girls attended the local schools.  Although I have moved on from the area, I have fond memories living in this community.  I am honoured to be on the board, and to use my experience in accounts.  The hub has come along way, and I'm excited about giving back to a great community.


Community Support Worker

Talofa my name is Marie Sio and I'm the Community Support Worker. I bring my personal life experience raising a young family through challenging times, plus my background in warehousing distribution. I manage the Abundant Box Project, networking with our local schools, local organisations and businesses.  I also coordinate our Matua Pasifika group once a month.  I'm happily married with 7 beautiful children.  I'm passionate about helping people and making a positive impact in the lives of family. 


Project Whenua

Kia Orana! My name is Elmma and I moved to Auckland last year in March 2020.  I'm originally from Christchurch, I have three wonderful boys who attend the local schools in Kelston. 

I love gardening, and learnt a lot from my father growing up in Christchurch.  I wouldn't say I'm an expert in gardening, but I love being outdoors and plotting around my garden at home.   I love being a part of the community hub, and attending to the hub garden and volunteering my time where I can. 


Board Member

My name is Nalini Chand I am a local resident and I am a High teacher at Kelston Boys High School.  I'm passionate about education and encouraging our students to reach high levels of learning.  I love living in Kelston, and I hope by being on the board I can contribute to the amazing work that is being done, and leave a positive imprint on our community moving forward.


Board Member

I am a resident of Kelston, and my children attend the local schools.  I enjoy sport, keeping up with my kids, their interests and their education. 

I am honored to be on the board and I want to contribute to my community and be of value as a trustee member.



I am a migrant who moved to Kelston in 2007 to take on the position of Pastor at the Kelston Community Church located at 72 Archibald Road. Both my sons attended and graduated from Kelston Boys school.  It has been my great pleasure to serve and be part of the Kelston community. I am honored to be a trustee with the Kelston Community Trust, a founding member of our Community Hub, and a few years ago, join the Hub as a board member. If you find it hard to connect my name and face, just think of the guy who does the free balloons and magic shows in our community. God bless!!

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